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Ski camps & language camp fri-LoLo

Ski camps, language camps and math camp for youth from 10 - 17

Learn French or English during your vacations? - then our fri-Lolo language camps are just right for you!

Groups of 6
"I have learned more in two weeks of language camp than in my entire school career so far."- Annika - English Language Camp Participant
Meet each other on eye level
"What I liked most about the summer camp was that we were allowed to call all the teachers by their first name. And they were all so nice", Luanna, participant Ski Camp Braunwald 2021
"Wow. I was really good at theater! Thank you fri-LoLo for giving me a taste for it! Soon you'll see me in a Hollywood movie ;-)", Antoine, Participant French Language Stay 2021
Slopes long and longer...
Skiing and learning languages

1 week from 650 CHF

25 December 2022 - 21 January 2023
13 February - 5 March 2023

French or German? Or would you rather do math?
In any case, you will never forget this week!

1 week from 800 CHF

Autumn 2 - 22 October 2022
Spring 9 - 29 April 2023
Summer 25 June - 19 August 2023
Learn English in the South
Lessons in groups of 4
1 week from 1000 CHF

Autumn 2 - 22 October 2022
Spring 8 - 28 April 2023

German or French at the language camp. Best friendships and a leisure program that you will never forget!

1 week from 800 CHF

Autumn 2 - 22 October 2022

Spring 9 - 29 April 2023

Summer 9 July - 19 August 2023

fri-LoLo language stay at first view

  • Swiss Organizers
  • Language Camps in French and German speaking Switzerland, English Camp in Montenegro , Ski Camps in Liddes & Braunwald, Math Camp in Braunwald
  • Unique: Maximum 6 kids per language course
  • Target languages: French | English | German
  • For kids and teens from 10-17 years
  • Duration 1 to 4 weeks
  • Exciting leisure program with lots of fun, games, sports, creative art workshops, inspiring cooking classes, and much more.

The following services are included in the vacation course
(per week)


15 hours of language lessons


Mini groups with a maximum of 6 children per course


6 nights in rooms with 1 to 8 beds


Fresh, homemade full board


3 Excursions - Adrenalin | Nature | Culture


Recreational program to participate


24/7 supervision

Weekend included for children staying longer than 1 week

Registration fee for the vacation course

A lot of vacation fun during the language stay and unforgettable moments with new colleagues - YES WE CAMP!

Why book a language course with fri-Lolo?

We know how it works
Learning languages, inspiring kids, "Mom, I want to stay another week reflexes", "Wow, being a teacher is so nice", "French isn't that hard...",
"Anton hasn't called since Sunday, he seems to be doing well..."
fri-LoLo Language Travel and our camp leaders and teachers have many years of experience in organizing summer camps and youth language courses.
We are relaxed, accommodating, flexible and professional
Our customers are sometimes really amazed! "What, the son gets to come back to the language camp next year without any cost consequences, even though he came back home on the first day?" - yes. that's Fri-LoLo.... fair and understanding.

We do fri-LoLo because it is extremely rewarding to work with children & youth and because we want to make the world a better place. Of course, we also have to earn money and pay our wages. But that comes second at fri-LoLo!
You can entrust us with your children
We are parents ourselves. We know that there is nothing more valuable in the world than your own children. Regarding safety, our vacation courses and language trips are "impeccable".
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Why a language camp?
In a school class of 15-25 children, a child speaks only a few minutes of English or French per week, if at all. This is exactly where our language camps come in!

The unique ratio of a maximum of 6 young people per course allows each child significantly more language experience. More speaking, more understanding, more involvement in their own interests, more fun. The 15 hours of language lessons per week in the fri-LoLo - language camp mean the equivalent of up to 5 weeks of French or English at school.
What is all included in a week of vacation language course?
  • 15 hours language course FR | EN | DE
  • Small classes with a maximum of 6 children per group
  • 6 nights in dormitory
  • Homemade full board
  • 3 excursions - adrenaline | nature | culture
  • Activity program with focus on art, cooking & sports
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Registration fee
  • Mega new things together with new friends - YES WE CAMP!
For which children is a language camp suitable?
The summer camp is aimed at 10 to 17 year olds. There are no fixed groups divided by age or interests. The children have a choice and are allowed to have a say in the activities and also in the lessons.

Our experience with a wide age range confirms this time and again. The children can and will learn from each other and bring similar interests. Regardless of age, children are at different stages of development.

No matter what age, no matter what character: educational and eventful language vacations with a family atmosphere and a positive group dynamic await.
Flexible rebooking without extra costs
All registrations for our language camps and ski camps in Switzerland can be postponed to any date within the next 18 months at no additional cost up to 7 days before the start of the camp. This offer is valid until further notice for all registrations until December 31, 2023.
So, how was the summer camp?
We had a very good impression of fri-LoLo from the beginning and at all times the feeling that our gold treasure is in the very best hands. Also the communication with the office was perfect. Keep up the good work!
Stefanie Rieben
My daughter went to the camp rather reluctantly. Afterwards we heard nothing more from her and when she was back with us she said it had been wonderful....
Tatjana Meier
I went to a language camp myself 30 years ago and wanted my children to experience something like that. They definitely want to go back to Siviez next year!
Meret von Salis
As a mother, I went along to the camp with my youngest daughter and watched the organizers pretty closely. Hats off! I could hardly have expected such commitment and such fun-loving people. There was a really positive energy in the camp. We can only recommend it!
Daniela Zuchhino
Would you like to hear regularly about our language camps and math camps?