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About fri-LoLo language camps

Hallo, Salut, Ciao, Allegra & Hello



Hello Pele, tell us something about yourself!

Hallo, salut, ciao, allegra & hello, my name is Philipp but please call me Pele! I am 43 years old and originally from Rickenbach near Winterthur.

I myself have always had a lot of trouble learning languages. Math is much more logical! After my first language study trip to France, however, I found that there is hardly anything more inspiring than a language study trip. You get to know people from all over the world and make every effort to communicate somehow. And so many beautiful things come out of it!

After my studies in Fribourg, I founded friLingue. Today, friLingue is the largest organizer of language camps with over 1000 young participants from all over the world every year. In the last years I have withdrawn a bit from the organization, because I have wonderful and reliable collaborators.

With fri-LoLo I would like to start something new again.


fri-LoLo is closely linked to "O Mundo e de tudo Mundo" (the world is for everyone). With this project, we have been organizing language trips for young people from the favelas of Brazil since 2019. For each participant at fri-LoLo, 50 francs go to the Brazilian project. Our goal is to give 500 young people from the favelas the opportunity to participate in a language camp every year until 2025 (in Brazil and in Switzerland, where we organize camps in Brazil and bring 2 - 4 young people to Switzerland every year).

Video "O mundo e de tudo Mundo"

O mundo e de tudo mundo

Why fri-LoLo language camps?

Thanks to each and every one of you participants and our lovely international team, we will create something unique: Language camps where young people feel comfortable, find great role models, meet a variety of wonderful people for the first time away from home, language learning suddenly becomes a lot of fun.

And at the same time we will make something else possible: Young people from precarious backgrounds in Brazil, many of whom have never experienced a feeling like, wow, vacation, in their lives, will suddenly gain completely different perspectives. With your participation in a language camp in Switzerland, you also enable a child in Brazil to experience something unique.

The 4 participants who came to us in the Swiss mountains from the favelas in Rio in 2019 showed a self-confidence after their return that amazed even close confidants.

How do you choose the teachers in your language camps?

Personality counts for us!

We want interesting characters who can reach the children, engage them and inspire them in class. A good teacher does not have to be a trained teacher. Everyone knows demotivated teachers from their own school days! The different professional backgrounds and interests of our teachers are an elementary component in the variety of our workshops, sports and evening programs.

With enthusiasm, excitement, patience and passion for a stay full of good humor, laughter, learning and lasting memories.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am an enthusiastic hiker (I have already crossed Switzerland 3 times). I also love ski touring, skiing, snowboarding, politics, literature, dance, chess, discussions and ideas.

There is nothing more powerful in the world than an idea whose time has come. Victor Hugo

And so I hope that our idea with fri-LoLo will make the world a little bit a better place.

O mundo e de tudo mundo
Pele alias philipp
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Degree, ideally in linguistics, education or social work or in training.

Experience in children and youth work.

Native speakers: Insiders or teachers with professional qualifications from Switzerland and around the world.

Valid first aid certificate.

We require an extended certificate of good conduct from all team members, not older than twelve months.